Krysta Dancy -Cabeal
Therapist- Roseville, CA

Medical Hypnosis- Your Mind Is Powerful

Hypnosis has a long and well-documented history in medicine. Even as far back as the 1850's, a surgeon named James Esdaile performed thousands of amputations without general anesthetic (it had not yet been invented) and had a far superior survival and infection rate to those who did not use hypnosis. In the mid 1950's, Dr Kroger used hypnosis effectively for women in childbirth to manage their pain to the point of total comfort. 

Even now, as we develop modern medicine we understand that there is a profound connection between mind and body. We are only beginning to realize the many uses of hypnosis for issues of health. While each individual has a pre-determined hypnotic skill level, we know that people can actually learn to get better at hypnosis with practice. Much better in fact.

As a clinician I often saw clients who suffered from chronic pain (and were understandably depressed as a result). I wanted more for my clients than a lifetime of narcotic usage to manage their conditions. Watching the effects of pain medication on their lives broke my heart. While I'm glad we offer medication as an option, the side effects and mental/emotional consequences are significant.

I decided to learn from among the best and a foremost expert in Clinical Hypnosis-
Dr Michael Yapko. Over the course of months I flew to his intensive courses in order to make sure I was receiving the highest degree of clinical and experiential know-how. Unlike other treatment methods, hypnosis is not a regulated discipline. Anyone can claim to practice "hypnotherapy". Knowing this,  I took great care to train from a fellow licensed mental health clinician (and Doctoral degree holder) who I knew shared my background and clinical goals. I am so glad I did!

I have found the world of hypnosis as rewarding as I imagined. The applications are endless, but here are a few I have treated in office with success

  • Chronic Pain
  • Spinal injury pain
  • IBS symptoms
  • Test anxiety
  • Performance anxiety (general)
  • Muscle tension and discomfort
  • Sleep disorders including insomnia
  • Hyperventilation
  • Your Struggle Here!....

It is normal to have questions about hypnosis and whether it is right for your medical condition. Please feel free to contact me at the link below. I am happy to discuss your options by phone.

*Pain is often our body's first indicator that "something is wrong". Because of this, I perform medical hypnosis only with the approval of the appropriate medical care provider. My goal is to partner in your healthcare with your current supervising providers. To expedite the process of medical hypnosis, you can seek and obtain an official diagnosis from your physician and a release to receive hypnosis treatment. This helps make sure we do not mask any underlying condition by making you too comfortable, too soon.