Krysta Dancy -Cabeal
Therapist- Roseville, CA

Birth Workers Trauma Healing Group- Spring 2018

Roseville, CA ; Mid-Year 2018, $64

Trauma-Informed Birth Work- Summer 2018

Birthing women with pre-existing trauma make up X% of the women we work with. Often the client herself does not realize the impact her trauma will have on her birth experience until she is flooded and overwhelmed and unable to help herself. In this short format class for medical providers and doulas you will learn

  • How to recognize the symptoms of pre-existing trauma in the birth room (and why is it so hard to do?)
  • The X themes of trauma and how they can sideline your best work with clients
  • 5 Strategies you can immediately use in birth to help a woman with trauma communicate, birth safely and minimize harm

Location, Date, Cost:

If the healer is wounded, she can only offer so much of herself in her work. Vicarious trauma is a real force on our birth care providers. It leads to distress, anxiety, depression, isolation, hyper-vigilance, and high burn out. It makes it hard to make good clinical judgment calls when future clients present similarly. Trauma takes a physical toll as well, often correlated with chronic pain and fatigue symptoms.  It is estimated that over 30 % of RNs have untreated PTSD from their work. We can only assume this statistic is consistent among all of us who find ourselves bearing witness to birth.  This support group is for birth workers of all types- OBs, Midwives, NPs, RNs, Doulas and more. It is a place for the healers to learn how to identify trauma in themselves and their colleagues. More importantly, it is an experiential workshop where we might hold one another in support.

  • Identify the symptoms of trauma in our own life- both professional and personal
  • Utilize a supportive group environment to create communal healing
  • Incorporate the latest evidence-based techniques for rapid trauma support and healing

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