Krysta Dancy -Cabeal
Therapist- Roseville, CA

*Of course it goes without saying, the safety of each person is my first responsibility. In issues of safety (including severe mental illness, substance abuse and physical or verbal abuse)  I will certainly use my discretion to keep a safe and supportive atmosphere as appropriate.

More traditional talk therapy focuses on the self, even to the exclusion of the larger community. I don't believe that a healthy individual exists in a vacuum. It is beautiful, but it is not enough that you feel heard and gain insight in my office. Your growth and healing should also mean you connect to a larger "family" beyond my office walls. Whether that is your biological family, or a family of choice, the community you choose to surround yourself with is the ultimate benefactor of your healing. Because I believe these things you will find I have some unique philosophies of family therapy*:

  • I believe a good marriage takes a fight- Some marriage therapists are neutral on the subject of divorce. I am not one of them. If you ultimately choose to end your marriage I respect the right of each individual to do so. But it will not be my idea*. You came to my office to give your marriage a fighting chance. I take my role as Champion of your marriage very seriously. It is a sacred role.
  • I am open to whole-family therapy.- I have had as many as eight family members in my office at once. Some family therapists discourage this kind of interaction because it can become rather messy or chaotic. I find it invaluable. The community in which you live and breathe matters more than anything. If they are a part of the problem, they are a part of the solution.
  • When working with couples I have a "no-secrets" policy. This means, while working with couples, I do not keep secrets from spouses. I believe in the work of Virginia Satir when she said "You are as sick as your secrets". I work to abolish secrets in a marriage and foster authentic and honest connection.

Your Family Is Everything