Krysta Dancy
Perinatal Therapist


Due to a family emergency I am on an extended leave of absence.

During this time I am unable to take new client inquiries or consultation appointments. 
If you are looking for a birth trauma referral or info about my classes
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Consultation Request

Professional Consultation

I offer professional consultation services for birth and mental health professionals both in-office and over video conferencing. Topics generally include:

  • Birth Trauma: assessment, referrals, appropriate treatment for clients or patients
  • Trauma-Informed care for non-mental health clinicians (OBs, midwives, NPs, doulas etc...)
  • Case consultation for birth-related trauma for registered or licensed mental health clinicians

If you are interested in my consultation services, please note the following limitations:

  • Case consultation must follow the appropriate confidentiality or HIPAA laws applicable to your profession. Please gain client or patient approval (when required by your code of ethics) before seeking my services
  • My license prohibits me from conducting therapy across state lines. Therefore if you are out of the state of California I will be required to make a referral for ongoing therapy if indicated. Sadly, I cannot be your therapist in this case.

My consultation fees are pro-rated based on time needed. They are $70/half hour. Most professionals find that an hour is a standard amount of time needed to be able to describe the details of the case involved and discuss options. 

Have fellow professionals you think might benefit? My service fees are the same for group or individual consultations. Many professionals find group learning to be an affordable option and rich learning experience.

To request a consultation schedule please fill out my inquiry form.