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Birth Trauma

I have a variety of online resources related to birth trauma.

Birth & Trauma Support Center

Birth Trauma Facebook Support Group

I offer birth trauma prevention classes for both birth and mental health professionals. Most classes are offered online and include CEUs. Please see my classes page for upcoming classes. 

Join my class interest list here and learn when I am offering new classes related to birth and trauma. My interest list gets first access to class tickets and the best discount on price!

I like to say birth work chose me. My early days as a therapist also happen to be my early days of motherhood. I was fortunate that fellow new moms sought me out for therapy. The specialty that declared itself;  birth trauma became my passion.

When a woman has experienced a traumatic birth she is still capable of great resilience. There are key physiological factors that are keeping her stuck emotionally, psychologically and physically. It doesn't have to be this way.  Birth trauma is a neurological state with a therapeutic treatment.
Read my page on trauma
for more information. Clients who experienced traumatic births can heal and go on to enjoy life again.