Krysta Dancy
Perinatal Therapist

Krysta Dancy-

About Me


I am a licensed MFT (MFC #48506) in the state of California (where I have been treating clients since 2005) and my specialty is the intersection of trauma and birth medicine (for professionals and patients).

  • EMDR Level I and Level II trained with Dr. Philip Mansfield
  • Brainspotting Level I and Level II trained, certification with Dr. Pie Frey
  • Hypnosis Intensive Phase I, II, and III trained with Dr. Michael Yapko​

I am a certified birth doula (CBD, CBI)

I am a Co-Clinical Supervisor and Director at The Place Within- a nonprofit counseling center

I am the Founder and Director at The Brith & Trauma Support Center

I am a certified CE provider educator and offer classes and lectures on trauma-informed care, provider workspaces and trauma-informed medicine

What I believe

I believe people are more resilient than they know.

I believe in the brain and the body as non-negotiable parts of our mental health.
I believe people are smarter than they're given credit for.
I believe in informed consent as the cornerstone of care.
I believe that most people, at their core, want to "do good."

I believe in education as the catalyst for change.
I believe in hope.
I believe that relationships are work, and that's good for us.
I believe in restoration.
I believe that we all have choices, but not the same ones.
I believe in honesty with ourselves. We are as sick as our secrets.

Philosophy of Therapy

You know what's funny? The longer I do this job, the harder this simple question becomes. Here's a few things I "know". Although, check back with me later because I suspect the list will continue shrinking.

  • Mental health can be measured by our capacity for meaningful relationships; our ability to seek and find connection; our ability to give and receive love; and our ability to be vulnerable and transparent with those who we trust. All the mental "health" in the world does not matter if we don't have that.
  • Mental health is about balance. We are only as healthy as our ability to be adaptive and in balance. Therefore, there is no "one size fits all" answer. One person may need more boundaries, while another needs more connection. One person may need to be more self-aware while another needs to be more other-aware. One person may need to think more clearly while another needs to feel more clearly. I think of humans as a "recipe". Too much of one trait leads to dysfunction. But a nice mixture of balanced access to internal traits means the person is adaptable and in balance.
  • The mind is tricky business. Our brain is an organ that can be measured by science and influenced by biology. Yet our subjective experience of the world (our mind) is immeasurable and highly flexible. It is influenced by biology, but not ruled by it. It can also influence our biology (how crazy is that!?) Therefore, we don't know as much as we think we do. But frontiers of science support the idea that the whole person is an integrative system. Each discipline must respect that reality in order to best serve the client.
  • As a therapist, I give you a lot of credit. You have been yourself your entire life! I believe you can and should be an active partner in your therapy process.  Because of this, I work hard to include you each step of the way. I strive to speak in understandable terms, and to humbly involve you in the "behind the scenes" decision making of your treatment. It is my hope you will find me "down to earth" and relatable- and that you will be engaged and feel empowered by our work together. 

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