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Krysta Dancy-

About Me

What I believe

I believe people are more resilient than they know.
I believe people are smarter than they're given credit for.
I believe that most people, at their core, want to do good.
I believe in ridiculous optimism.
I believe that relationships are work, and that's good for us.
I believe in grace.
I believe in restoration.
I believe that we all have choices, but not the same ones.
I believe in honesty with ourselves. We are as sick as our secrets.


I have been married to my (amazing, kind and smart) husband, Lucas, since 2003. Together, we have two beautiful boys. I am so fortunate as a mom, that I get to do a job I love and still be home with my children part of the time. Sometimes it works out beautifully and I congratulate myself on the balance. Other days, I wonder what in the world am I supposed to be doing right now? So... like all parents, it is a work in progress. (Or should I say: balancing act in progress?)

I love being outside, especially with people I love. The confluence area (in Auburn) is my idea of Heaven on Earth. I can also enjoy a luxurious spa day like its my job. And like all parents- I dream of the days when I will get to sleep in. 

For fun, and as a creative outlet, I occasionally keep a blog. And sometimes I speak for local groups on some of my favorite psychological topics. I also function as a spokesperson for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) where I have been a proud member (and previous board member) since 2005.

Philosophy of Therapy

You know what's funny? The longer I do this job, the harder this simple question becomes. Here's a few things I "know". Although, check back with me later because I suspect the list will continue shrinking.

  • Mental health can be measured by our capacity for meaningful relationships; our ability to seek and find connection; our ability to give and receive love; and our ability to be vulnerable and transparent with those who we trust. All the mental "health" in the world does not matter if we don't have that.
  • Mental health is about balance. We are only as healthy as our ability to be adaptive and in balance. Therefore, there is no "one size fits all" answer. One person may need more boundaries, while another needs more connection. One person may need to be more self-aware while another needs to be more other-aware. One person may need to think more clearly while another needs to feel more clearly. I think of humans as a "recipe". Too much of one trait leads to dysfunction. But a nice mixture of balanced access to internal traits means the person is adaptable and in balance.
  • The mind is tricky business. Our brain is an organ that can be measured by science and influenced by biology. Yet our subjective experience of the world (our mind) is immeasurable and highly flexible. It is influenced by biology, but not ruled by it. It can also influence our biology (how crazy is that!?) Therefore, we don't know as much as we think we do. But frontiers of science support the idea that the whole person is an integrative system. Each discipline must respect that reality in order to best serve the client.
  • As a therapist, I give you a lot of credit. You have been yourself your entire life! I believe you can and should be an active partner in your therapy process.  Because of this, I work hard to include you each step of the way. I strive to speak in understandable terms, and to humbly involve you in the "behind the scenes" decision making of your treatment. It is my hope you will find me "down to earth" and relatable- and that you will be engaged and feel empowered by our work together. 


I have been seeing clients in my office in Roseville, CA since 2005. Here's a brief summary of some of my professional experiences. :) 

I began studying the field of Psychology in 1996 and haven't stopped since! My undergrad degree in Psychology was earned with honors at Anderson University (in Indiana).  During my time in college, I served as Vice President to Psi Chi (the national honors society for the discipline of Psychology). As part of my education, I also published two research papers to professional peer-reviewed journals.

Before beginning my graduate degree, I worked with academically gifted and challenged children and their families in an educational center. I was also a professional motivational/guidance speaker for Northern California  high schools through "Making It Count!" An audience of up to 1500 high school students- Wow, talk about trial by fire!

I earned my MA in Psychology from Chapman University in California, where (as part of my degree) I also began working with clients directly. During that time I served the local chapter of CAMFT (Ca. Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists) as their "Pre-licensed Chairperson". The completion of my BBS license required the completion of my MA, as well as  5 years of working with clients under supervision and two licensing exams. Whew!

In addition to my private practice, I am proud to be the Co-Director and Supervisor of a local counseling nonprofit (The Place Within) where I supervise 8-12 interns on their path to licensure. The Place Within offers counseling on a sliding fee scale to those who might otherwise be unable to access counseling. We do great work and I'm proud of my time and energy spent there. It is a way to give back to the community and profession as well as stay sharp (as any teacher can attest!) I also served as a media spokesperson for the state office of CAMFT on local television and radio.

I strive for excellence and to remain up to date on the latest scientific advances within the field. Current trainings and certifications are always ongoing.

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